Mount Batur in Bangli Regency, Bali Province

For those who have visited Bali Province, they are likely to revisit the region in the near future. Too many beautiful tourist sites are available to explore, after all. As if, everyone has no ample time to visit all of those destinations. Speaking of which, Mount Batur is one of the best places to visit during holidays in Indonesia. The location is in Kintamani Sub-District and it belongs to Bangli Regency. This volcano has erupted several times and remains active until now. Still, it doesn’t stop tourists to visit and explore the mountain especially to enjoy hiking and sightseeing!

The Nuance
With the height of about 1717 meters above the sea level, the mountain looks both beautiful and grandiose. Not to mention visitors can find numerous natural attractions that surround the mountain including Batur Lake! Once arriving at the hiking route, tourists can also witness jaw-dropping scenery and feel soothing atmosphere up there. What a great nuance! On top of that, the sun scenery looks the best either during the sunrise or sunset. Do not forget the fact that the mountain also comes with tons of flora and fauna.

Exploring Mount Batur
Mount Batur is a tourism icon in Bangli Regency. Before exploring the mountain, tourists should hear a local story related to it first. It is said Batur was once the Peak of Mahameru Mountain. However, it was relocated by Batara Pasupati with his magical power. The purpose was to create a new palace for Goddess Danu called Sthana Betari Danuh. People who lived near to it also regularly came to the Mount Batur for praying. They wanted to eradicate any misfortunes in the future and get an outstanding fertility to their land.

In terms of tourism, Mount Batur has three prime objects which are the lake, caldera, and crater. The good thing is that tourists can visit them all when exploring the site regardless of the time. That means it is going to be a perfect holiday, especially for those who love adventure and nature. Usually, tourists come here to enjoy several activities like trekking, photography, relaxation, and sightseeing. For a more festive nuance, it is recommended to come in a group either with friends or families, though.

Still, the best thing to do in Mount Batur is trekking. Even it is suitable for beginners or those who have never done trekking. It is because the route is easy and it features various types of panoramas. Plus, trekking at Mount Batur gives many benefits to tourists including a solution to get rid of stresses, strengthen stamina, and get a new experience!

Nearby Attractions

  • Black Lava
  • Tirta Usadha Hot Spring
  • Caldera Geo Park
  • Batur Lake

How to Get There
The distance between Denpasar City and Mount Batur is 69.6 km. That means it may take around 2 hours and 9 minutes to get to the location. Have no worries. It can be faster if tourists take Nusantara Street. The first destination is Bangli Regency. Lastly, tourists only need to head to Kintamani Sub-District and conduct trekking to get to the best spot of the mountain.

Where to Stay

  • Bunbulan Hill Hostel
  • Mapa Lakeview Bungalow
  • Black lava Hostel
  • Arlina Guesthouse

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